Dear Business Owner:

Marketing and Capital are two of the main necessities to continue in, and grow, a business.  I have built three businesses over the past 40 years and know the challenges these necessities bring:

Always Ready Services (providing janitorial, maintenance, and breakroom supplies to businesses),

What’s Available (centralized Wisconsin websites broken down by county for marketing), and

Acquiring Business Capital (giving businesses access to non-bank lenders for loans up to $500M and all kinds of capital needs) provide much needed help with marketing AND finance to businesses of all kinds and sizes – even start-ups!


What’s Available   (Marketing)

With each county website there is a general directory with subcategories that viewers can search to find businesses that can address their needs.   There is no limit on the number of listings in the general directory.  In addition, there are 12 premium listings available for each county that are visible on each page of that county’s website giving that business unlimited marketing exposure to the website’s visitors.   Premium listings also get a bonus mailing within their county. We do the listings with your input and they can be changed as needed to be kept current and up-to-date.     Our database contains a little over 20,000 Wisconsin businesses and it keeps growing!

Acquiring Business Capital  (Finance)

                We’ve worked with companies needing as little as $65,000 and as much $17,000,000.  We can help with equipment purchasing/leasing, expansion needs; anything a business could need capital-wise.  We work with lenders nationwide who work with different kinds of businesses from real estate development to medical, farming, manufacturing, trucking, and everything in between.  We work hard to get you the best loan to fit your needs.

Our goal is to help you grow your business and make your work load a little easier.  If you would like to discuss either your marketing or finance – or both – we would love to talk to you!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we look forward to helping you.


Ron and Marilynne Bowe


What’s Available

Acquiring Business Capital

W3318 Harlow Road, Chilton, WI 53014


Fax: 866-630-2510

Capital – What every business needs from time to time.


 A new building/a remodeling project

     An unexpected large order to fill

        Upcoming expenses -- Refinance

            Equipment Leasing – Leasing programs

And many, many other reasons too numerous to mention

We have access to a large network of lenders who specialize in different areas. Finding the right funding enables your business more flexibility.  You can take advantage of opportunities that come along.  Save our contact info!  You never know when you may need us!


If you would like to know what’s available, without obligation, contact us for an informal discussion of what we can do for you.

Return the form below, and I will contact you to set up a time we can talk:

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      If you know someone who could use our help, please let them know about us.

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Acquiring Business Capital, LLC,  W3318 Harlow Road, Chilton, Wi 53014Funding options for your business.


Attracting New B to B, B to C  Customers                                                    


Getting new customers can be a very time consuming and expensive. 

Which method to select?

There are many different places to put your message; how do you select a good one, the right one?

Trying to build a brand name is great if you can afford to; it’s extremely expensive to do so, requiring continual repetition on multiple medias.

Finding the time to manage and implement good marketing plans is hard when you run a small to mid-size business. You have many other things to do and only so much time to do them.

You do need to find new customers since every business has customer turnover and loss.


What’s Available give you a logical solution for this.  By combining the internet with direct mail for business to business operations, you get the best of both worlds. 

Alone the internet is hard to manage and is very expensive. Pay per click, SEO, etc., to do correctly, costs a lot of money and a great deal of time.   Plus, the game keeps changing, so it’s extremely hard for anyone to keep current on it.  You usually need full time resources to keep up on just the changes.  A very basic pay per click can cost over a $1,000.00 per month.

Direct mail is also very expensive because keeping lists current and building good lists is time consuming and labor intensive.  BUT, direct mail goes directly to the prospect; you don’t have to wonder if they will find your message, if they will see it.  And it’s still one of the best ways to get a response from prospects.  Direct mail has one of the best response rates in marketing.


We have Business to Business and a Business to Consumer Directories on-line, where your message are placed. We have a data base of businesses which we maintain and keep current.  We mail regularly, to businesses, making them aware of products and services offered, plus some of our clients offers are included in the mailings.   We also have several mailing programs to choose from.

The B to B directory is  broken down into Wisconsin counties and has a front page section and a general business directory.  The front page section only lists 12 businesses for each county, which means that these businesses will always be seen on the county home page.  There are also 36 statewide listing on the website home page.  Once taken, you’ll have to wait till one becomes available.

The B  to C directory has listing by cities and categories for each city.

Why would you use our directory?  Traffic and content.  Ever check the price of a billboard on a inter-state highway versus one on a remote county highway?  You know the answer is traffic (viewers) per day.  Of course, the cost is much higher.  Yet most websites have very little traffic because they are just put up and left to hopefully attract visitors, which they do not do without a lot of expensive SEO, pay per click and other promotion to get traffic to them. 


Content!  Most websites almost never change after they are created, so why would you go back to them?  Of course changing and keeping things current takes a lot of time and, if you don’t do it yourself, also money. 

What’s Available will have many businesses with many different services and promotions which will keep the site fresh and interesting to visitors.  Also, with a constant direct mail campaign, visitors will receive something physical to remind them of the site and urge them to visit. 


The main goal of our listings is to have visitors CONTACT your business.  It’s you who can explain the benefit of doing business with your company best and help your prospect get what’s best for their needs while building a relationship that will create a repeat customer.


  Keeping it   Simple,  Easy,  Effective              


  A standard business directory listing in either directory is only $ 180.00 per year.  Contact us now to get started.  

  We make it affordaable for you to:    Inform your prospects about your business.


Find out how What’s Available will be able to help you gain new clients and customers affordably!

Direct Mail Advantages!


76% of Consumers Trust Direct Mail when it comes to Purchasing Decisions.


98% of Consumers check their mail daily.


Physical mail earns response rates 10-30 times higher than digital.


Direct mail postcards generate 15 times the rate of marketing email

VM:  920-358-9640,    Fax:  866-630-2510      e-mail:


Business Name: __________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________________   State: ______   Zip: ___________


Contact: ________________________________________________________________

Best Time: ______________________________________________________________

Phone:  _________________________  Fax:  ____________________  Cell:  _________

E-mail:  _________________________________________________________________

Website:  _______________________________________________________________

Industry/Product Line: ____________________________________________________

Service Offered:  _________________________________________________________


Time, is the only thing you CANNOT replace, use it wisely!

Program #1:  What you get with a FRONT page posting!


Front page postings are limited to 12 posting, on each Wisconsin county website.  All postings are visible on front page, all the time.  Are stationary, they do not rotate on page views.

Are listed on all of the website’s pages, and when you click on them they take you to your main listing.

Contain information you want listed, changes can be made as needed,  to keep your information up to date.     

We send 1000’s of post cards regularly to bring traffic to the web sites, and get many times the traffic that individual sites get. You get great exposure for a very reasonable price.

The cost is only $ 100.00 per month, and once the 12 front page positions are taken, no more will be posted until one of the positions becomes available when a current listing leaves.  Directory listings are available on each county website for $ 180.00 per year. 


Program #2:  Yearly Mail and listing program

Several program levels are available to choose from.   We do the following for you:

Postcard/Offer card printing

Postcard/Offer mailing – post cards mailed individually --  offer cards combined mailed

Website listing, posting and updates as needed

Maintain the website

Maintain the mailing list of businesses and mailing to them on regular basis.


If you did the postage, data base maintenance, printing, mail preparation and time in house, this would cost you much more than the cost of each level. 


Combining direct mail with a good internet listing will greatly help your exposure and open the door to greater sales and customer satisfaction.  All this starting at $ 1,500.00 per year.


Program #3:  Discount Merchants Program

Do you do coupons or discounts on a regular basis?  If so, our discount merchant program is for you. 

We circulate discount cards to people in your area, and supply you with cards to give out, plus signs to post in your business telling people you are a discount merchant.  We post your listing on the discount merchant website.  You can change this listing once a month, so you can continually have different offers or coupons available all the time.  Our continual mailings, bring traffic to the website, plus our other sites all have links to the discount merchant site to help bring in additional traffic.  You get all of this for a low price of $ 450.00 for a one year period. 


Marketing that’s SIMPLE, EASY, & EFFECTIVE.    Contact us at:

rgbowe@whats-available,.com  to check out what’s possible and what’s available.