10 Reasons why you will profit from this service.


1.      Continual exposure:

a.      Do your prospect and customers know where to find you whenever they want?

b.      Do you have a presence where and when they are looking?


2.      Same location:

a.      Placing marketing in many different media can be very expensive. 

b.      And leave your prospects and customers guessing where to find you.  


3.      One page snap shot:

a.      Customers are in a hurry, they want information fast, and in one spot where they can act on it.

b.       Provide them an easy fast way to buy your products or services.


4.      Important key words:

a.      How many times have you heard, “I didn’t know you had, or did that?”

b.      Communicate regularly to prospect and customers about how they will benefit from your products and/or services.


5.      All contact info in a glance:    

a.      Everyone likes to know who they are dealing with: tell them where to go, who to ask for, how to make the process easier.  Don’t make them guess or get the wrong department, which is costly.


6.      Exceptionally affordable price for the service.

a.      How much do you spend on marketing now?

b.      Do you know what you are getting from each area?

c.       Are you happy with the return you are getting?


7.      Time savings as we do the work:

a.      We do the posting of your listing, printing of the cards, mailing, etc.   So you save a lot of time.


8.      Large coverage area, and we bring the prospects to the website, you provide the product or service:

a.      We are promoting in the entire state.  So one posting will do it for you, a big savings.


9.      Promotion, combining the internet, and direct mail gets better results:

a.      We use post cards, because they get looked at.  Everyone goes thru the mail, and even if it gets tossed, they still have to look at it, NOT so with other media, which can be expensive.

b.      Direct mail when done by one business can be VERY expensive, but when done

on a co-op basis, it becomes much less expensive and much more productive.


10.   Several programs are available to expand your marketing.  Internet and mobile marketing are where the buyers are looking.  Get started today:  E-mail: rgbowe@whats-available.com  


You will benefit from this service!

Don’t be out of sight, out of mind, start