Five (5) Affordable Program to Promote Your Business!


Program #1:      Front Page Listing on Local Website promoting your business


The front page is limited to 12 listing.  All are visible all of the time; they do NOT rotate through.  Your front page posting also gives you a sidebar spot on all of the website's pages.  You have several options for your listing:  a link to a page where you can describe your business and/or products, a link to your website, a coupon or discount offer.

Changes can be made a needed to keep your company information up-to-date; offers can be changed monthly.

We send 1000's of mailings regularly, a part of the yearly mailing program, to bring traffic to the websites and we get many times the traffic that individual sites get.  You get great exposure for a very reasonable price.

You don't have to worry about, pay per click, ad sense, SEO or other costs associated with bringing traffic to your website, which usually costs better then a $ 1,000 a month if done correctly.

The cost is only $ 100.00 per month on the local sites, and once the 12 front-page listings are filled., no more will be posted until one of the positions becomes available.

If you would like wider exposure, you can also list on our statewide website for an additional $ 300.00/month; a bargain when you think about the cost of listing in multiple yellow pages, news print, or broadcast stations.

Check with us to see why this is a super great value for any business.  Get in from the start. 


Program #2:       Yearly Mailing and listing program

Choose your level of marketing below.   

             Each level includes:

* Postcards, Business Card/Offer cards, Printing, Mailing, and Postage

* Combined mailing of business-card size offer cards

* Post Cards are mailed individually, in the area of your choice and targeted to your best audience

* Maintenance of the mailing list database

* Website listing display and updates, you can have up to 12 changes per year, good for offers, coupons, or introductory deals.



Level I       $125/month       $1,500/year                   Mailing/printing of:  1,000 postcards              Plus, 1,000 offer/business cards 

Level II      $235/month       $2,800/year                   Mailing/printing of: 2,000 postcards               Plus, 2,000 offer/business cards  

Level III      $340/month      $4,100/year                   Mailing /printing of: 3,000 postcards              Plus 3,000 offer/business cards 

Level IV      $450/month        $5,400/year                 Mailing/printing of:  4,000 postcards             Plus 4,000 offer/business cards

Level V        $560/month       $6,700/year                  Mailing/printing  of: 5,000 postcards             Plus 5,000 offer/business cards

If you did the postage, data base maintenance, printing, mail preparation and time in house, this would cost you much more than the cost of each level.

Combining direct mail with a good internet listing will greatly help your exposure and open the door to greater sales and customer satisfaction.

Direct mail brings the traffic to the website, and the listing informs prospects and customers about what your business if all about, what you do, why they should come to your business, and any specials you have to offer. 

Multiple offers and listing greatly improves the sites value and traffic, as good content is what draws people to a site.  All this starting at $ 1,500.00 per year.


Program #3: Discount Merchants Program

Do you offer coupons or discounts on a regular basis? If so, our Discount Merchant program is for you!

We mail discount cards to local businesses to hand out to customers and supply you with cards to distribute as you see fit.   We also give you signs to post in your business telling people you are a discount merchant  and post your listing on the Discount Merchant website.   You can change this listing once a month, so you can continually have different offers or coupons available all the time. Our continual mailings, bring traffic to the website, AND our local websites all  have links to the Discount Merchant site to help bring in additional traffic. You get all of this for a low price of $ 450.00 per year.



Program #4:  Single Services

Free classifieds section,  Free events listing website.

Sale Listing for commercial vehicle – $50/ one time listing fee,  until sold or ad withdrawn

Sale listing of commercial properties - $100/ one time listing fee, until sold or ad withdrawn

Listing for available Business Opportunity - $100/ one time listing fee,  until sold or ad withdrawn

Combined Offer mailing:  1000 potcards ($350.00), or 1000 business-card-sized offer ($200.00) mailed to a targeting area (i.e. 25 mile radius from your business) until the postcards/business card sized cards are depleted.

Printing for promotional offers, loyalty cards, small runs, etc., for your business.  Check with us for a quote.

Program #5  Simple Yearly Listing

You get a yearly listing in the business directory, which stays the same all year.  You can list a full page ad here for only $ 180.00 for the year. 

Check out our landing page at: and contact us at:

rgbowe@whats-available,.com to check out all the benefits you can get.


Affordable promotion that can be done on a continued basis is what brings in repeat customers and new clients as they can always find what you have to offer and get information when THEY want it.


For more information on this great service, please call Voice Mail at  920-358-9640  ---  OR  E-mail:

Below are a couple of examples of the business card size marketing.  They are printed on heavy, glossy stock, like the enclosed card.





Let’s discuss what you are looking to accomplish with your marketing.  See how our plans work to accomplish your goals, fits into your budget, and make marketing,             





Contact us now to begin seeing a better return on your marketing dollar.  And find out why you will get a better deal with us.

We offer you many great options to help you move your business forward.




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